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Savvy Vote

Start with voting

Give the audience the opportunity to vote weighted and anonymously, and let them respond to statements from the speaker.

Increase interactivity between the speaker and your visitors

Give the audience the opportunity to vote anonymously or not (weighted) and let them respond directly to statements from the speaker.

Savvy Vote increases interactivity throughout your event, making it more effective. Savvy Vote offers various evaluation forms. From simple end-of-period evaluation to mid-term evaluation. These interim evaluations provide immediate insight into the effectiveness of the meeting. Yes, Savvy Vote can be completely adapted to your house style. But best of all, we can adjust Savvy’s functionality to meet your specific wishes. With Savvy Vote you can do everything a voting cabinet can do and much more.

Beyond a mere software solution, Savvy Vote is always run by an on-site operator, who ensures that everything runs perfectly.

Extra options

Kick up your event by adding, for example, your agenda, a digital Q&A, survey, poster board session and/or Wordcloud. You can even define your voting demographic, so you can split up the results over your different groups of delegates.

Savvy Congress

Savvy Congress comes with all the Savvy Vote functionality…and many more. Savvy Congress works across all devices, it’s a live second screen, right in the palm of your hand.  It’s not an app. Our tool is user friendly and device independent, and can inter-operate on multiple platforms: tablets, smartphones, laptops. Anyone and everyone can share knowledge and ‘chat’ during the congress, without downloading anything, right from their own device.

Delegates can browse back through the slides, jot down notes right on the slides and post questions to the speaker. Delegates are given the opportunity to respond live to statements and/or answer questions from the speaker.

The answers are available immediately on screen in various forms.

The (personalised) event agenda provides delegates with guidance as to where they are now, at which session they are next expected, and how to get there. It provides registration and presence alerts so that (groups of) delegates can be informed by means of push notification.

An integrated map supports participants in finding their way to a location. And a complete report provides insight into the pre-determined evaluation points.

Savvy Hybrid

Multi hub or hybrid event

Congress participants want to be able to join a congress in a flexible way. Therefore it is getting more and more important that you can join a congress from a variety of locations, countries or continents.

Which is why Hybrid Events are gaining momentum. But there is more to a Hybrid event than just setting up a dedicated room.

Bring worlds together

A Savvy hybrid event enables you to bring two worlds together: the participants in the physical meeting room and the online participants. Both kinds of participants are connected directly to each other and to the meeting room. Within a Savvy hybrid event, all facets of the Savvy Congress system can be applied directly by both physical and online participants. Those participating in your event online can both see and hear the speakers in the room, see the PowerPoints of the speakers and can also view the slides in realtime.

Worldwide Online community

A Savvy hybrid event is one general community in which every event participant is involved. This means that, amongst other things, the Q&A is always the same for everyone involved in the event. A question can be asked online from anywhere in the world or via a tablet in the physical room, and all participants will see it. It’s an all-inclusive Q&A session that works via a moderator, as with the Savvy Congress system. The same applies to the voting questions. The online participants vote simultaneously with the participants in the room. The results can be displayed on the main screen of the meeting room, and the online participants can also see the results immediately. Currently, we’re looking into splitting up the results into a cross between physical and online participants. All participants can send each other messages, whether they are in the room or online. This can be one-on-one messaging, but also sending messages to a certain group. For example, sending a message to participants with a certain nationality, job, from a certain sector, etc. Of course, this depends on the information we receive from the organisation.

All participants can continue to discuss the various topics at any time with each other in one public chat room. Each participant can read these messages on their own in chronological order.

Remote / Online Speakers

Remote speakers, those who cannot be physically present, can come into the picture both for those in the room and for all the other online participants. The speaker can then be seen and heard, and his/her slides are shown separately. In the room, for example, there is a Picture In Picture (PIP) with the camera image of the speaker, and 1, 2 or 3 PIPs of the PowerPoint. The speaker clicks through the PowerPoint themselves, directly from his/her location.

Name Cloud

The aim of a lot of people that are attending networking events is to actually do some networking. This goal can be achieved by making the events interactive. It might be challenging to find the right person to talk to during a big event.

Our solution helps your attendees to achieve their goals to meet new and relevant people. The registration tool presents the name automatically of each person that enters the room, along with additional relevant information.

Your attendees now have a good idea about who else is there in the auditorium, which makes it a lot easier to start up a conversation with someone during the coffee break or lunch.

Savvy Tour

Every location is unique, and most locations also include that extra something special. A special location typically boasts its own story and history. Most of us would prefer to give each visitor a personal tour to make that visit more memorable. But in most instances practicality trumps good intentions. Savvy Tour has the solution! Give your congress visitors the opportunity to walk through your unique location in a group, interactively and autonomously.

Using gamification, your visitors gain information about the various special places and/or objects they come across during the tour. This information, combined with a fun quiz, makes for a memorable and interactive experience for each visitor. The winner of the quiz gets a prize from a carefully chosen – by you – prize assortment. The balance between information and the gaming element makes the Savvy tour unique. From an informative (educational) tour to a full location-based training; everything is possible.

Savvy tour can be set up in just about any location. From museums to mansions, castles to stadiums, or from ships to zoos. Like to discover more about Savvy Tour and hear what we can do for you at your location? Contact us today for a personal consultation.

Savvy PubQuiz

A lot of people like the interaction during a quiz. Our Savvy PubQuiz has a wide variety of subjects and questions can be tailored to your company, industry or participants

Savvy PubQuiz lets you deliver a wide variety of questions to those attendees taking the quiz, and then track the results live. You can either opt to share the results with the quiz takers or leave the judgment up to the jury.

Test the knowledge of your audience via smartphone and engage them with live results during your presentation or event. Like to step up the game? Create (virtual) teams that challenge each other. Good fun to liven up any congress or event atmosphere!


During a debate, forum discussion, panel discussion or speech, the words fly around. With Savvy Speakerscloud, the words that are most pronounced appear live on a screen in the cloud. The more often the word is spoken the more emphatically these will be presented in the cloud.

Of course, some filters are used to show only the relevant words in the cloud. At the same time, Speakerscloud distinguishes who says something and makes it visible in the cloud through different colors.

Speakerscloud understands different languages by default, including Dutch, English, German, French and can be fully adapted in style to the desired house style.

Speakerscloud will be available on request.

Savvy Retail


Savvy Retail is the newest application from Savvy. A smart and exceptionally fast feedback tool that works via the smartphone or via the so called Anapods. It takes mere seconds to give/receive the feedback and the results can be shared live. Through extra questions and linking to client profiles, you as a retailer get detailed insights into the customer experience and possible points for improvement. Now that’s how you make a difference.

How Savvy Retail works.

Clients are stimulated by interactive displays at the entrance and checkout counters to give feedback using their smartphone or our Savvy Anapods (smart terminals). Clients feel more secure by being able to give feedback with their own smartphone. Because the results are shared live and immediately on the interactive displays, the willingness to participate increases. It’s quite transparent.

Straightforward feedback.

Giving feedback is straightforward and fast with the Anapod. One little press of a button and it’s done. The buttons displayed are icons; for example, multiple kinds of smileys or thumbs up/thumbs down. Based on the feedback given, smart technology automatically determines extra data such as age and gender. Date and time and the weather conditions are also automatically saved. A simple method for data enrichment that adds more value to your data.

Terminal interfaces with fixed buttons are no longer a limiting factor.”

“There are no paper tickets with questions that you need to print, distribute or exchange.”

Extremely quick.

Giving feedback to a question on an Anapod takes just 1 second. Two to four questions comes out to about 4 seconds. The average smartphone user will spend less than 15 seconds filling in answers to four questions, and that’s including filling in the relevant profile questions. Anapods and interactive displays can be placed by the checkout counters, allowing clients to give their feedback whilst they wait.

Keep asking.

Savvy Retail can ask a relevant follow-up question to a given answer. Smart questioning gives more insight into the client’s underlying motives. If a client is unhappy, a logical follow-up question will be asked to gain more insight. If a client is happy, there’s generally no need for a follow-up question.

Any feedback to a question, even ‘good’ or ‘bad’, is useful, but it’s more valuable to keep asking if a client is unhappy.”

Additional insights.

Returning customers who give feedback repeatedly via their smartphone are recognised, creating additional insights. To add more value to the feedback, Savvy Retail asks a number of one-time answers to relevant questions. In many cases these include ‘age’ and ‘gender’, but sometimes information like the postcode is also requested.

Based on a client profile, it’s easier to see which changes will contribute to higher customer satisfaction.

AB testing or benchmarking.

Savvy Retail can also measure the feedback from separate locations simultaneously. Live results are compared and shared. An ideal setup when you want to benchmark locations or to perform an A-B test.

Via the Anapod and the interactive displays, clients can see first-hand how their store has been judged in contrast to the other participating stores in, for example, the region. This way, clients see that their opinion actually matters.

Sharing results live via the Anapod and the interactive displays with clients increases their involvement. After all, people see live that their voice counts and has an impact on visible results. It’s no longer just a black box.”

Tailor made.

Our Content Management System (CMS), in your company’s house style, makes it possible for you to adjust the question and answer options on the interactive displays and the Anapod, all together and/or spread out.  The CMS distributes the question automatically at a set time to the desired locations. Questions on the interactives displays, smartphone and the screens are then adjusted simultaneously.

Reporting and analysis.

You can review all the feedback in an online reporting tool. Share the dashboard easily with employees, store managers or management. The export functionality makes it easy for you to analyse the data in other tools.

In short: Savvy Retail has everything you need to put customer experience front and centre, to respond quickly to feedback and to continue making a difference!

About us

Our Story

Savvy is a level-headed Dutch company with extensive experience in the events industry. We supply constant innovations and smart improvements for the digital support of knowledge events. Our Savvy people like to think with our customers and users, to discover the best solution and application for each unique congress. At Savvy we say what we do and do what we say.

Our Vision

At Savvy we understand that events are ever more attendee driven. Interactivity is taking a whole new shape. Digital technology and social media are speeding up the transfer and exchange of knowledge, something that is shared more freely than ever before. Knowledge doesn’t just sit in the far reaches of some expert’s mind anymore, waiting to be recalled and presented only at congresses. It’s our aim to help knowledge sharing flow more freely and easily.

Our Technology

Vote, chat and share your opinion with the Savvy Audience Response System that allows for realtime interaction and feedback. Share knowledge, new insights and experiences through social media. Find other attendees with common interests and get in touch with them. Gain direct access to congress information. Our multitrack approach allows all participants to follow their own track throughout the congress.


and blogs

The ROI of your event.

The reliable demonstration of Return On Investment (ROI) at an event is not that simple. The temptation is therefore great to hardly pay any attention to after the event. The event has indeed been, visitors seem satisfied and will come back next time … or not? The problem with determining the ROI afterwards is often large, because no clear objective has been determined in advance. If you determine a SMART objective beforehand, you can also easily determine the measurement points to determine the ROI. A SMART objective is Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-bound. But how do you ensure that this objective is measured in a smart way?

Afterwards you can send an evaluation form or have an evaluation form filled in at the end of the event. The response to this is generally not much more than 8%. This is usually not sufficient to connect conclusions. In addition, this measurement is impure. You get the most pure meeting if you take a brief evaluation immediately after an activity. This way you gather feedback during the event that you can also anticipate during the event. The more measurement moments you build in, the purer the ROI can be determined and substantiated. That is not all. You can build in many more measurement moments without affecting the visitor experience. Work for a change during a presentation with questions and statements about the subject in question. This creates interaction and you get a lot of information and data. Ask the questions smartly, so that the answers given can also be used to substantiate the ROI. Start with a statement and process a control question later in the presentation. Do not send a complete evaluation form afterwards, but test with a few short questions about what is left of the intended message. This is more fun and better for everyone.

The number of respondents therefore also increases considerably and can rise to well over 40%, making the ROI meeting more reliable than on the basis of a single evaluation afterwards. All these measurement data are the basis for a complete report that is immediately available for the stakeholders. That is only Savvy!

How do we do that? Savvy develops in-house interactive tools that stimulate knowledge sharing at conferences and events. By using these tools, participants create a lot of relevant measurement data, including the evaluation results. Afterwards, the system processes all data into reliable reporting, which provides insight into the ROI, linked to the SMART goals.


More interaction is more efficient knowledge transfer

Every speaker at a conference or event wants to be heard. And every speaker wants to be understood. This requires presentation skills and the use of supportive means. A good presentation, supported by solid audio and video, is now the standard. But so much more is possible!

Create a curiosity for the unknown in a safe environment. Engage your audience in your topic. This encourages the participants to listen actively. Active listening is one essential element, interaction is the second: ask questions and stimulate with hypotheses. This will keep your audience sharp and alert. But how do you use the audience responses?

Process the responses of your audience immediately by using the right technical means. Voting is a proven means. Unfortunately, it has its disadvantages, both technically and from a usability standpoint.

At Savvy we develop tools that lift the interaction and knowledge transfer of your audience to a higher level. They can use their own smartphone or tablet and do not need to download software. The voting results are available on the fly to the speaker. What’s more, Savvy Vote allows you to create various subgroups to weigh the total voting outcome more effectively.

Unused paper in the trash

Recently I was at a conference where I received a congress folder with a pen at the entrance. The pen did not work and landed in the trash. Interesting visions and comments that passed in the course of the day, I noted on my phone. The congress map, like most visitors, was left on my chair afterwards. At the exit there was also a pile of folders of people who had not come. Probably all those folders will soon be with my pen or, as it should be, with the old paper.

On the way home I wondered how many trees were needed for the paper in all those conference folders. Google offers the answer “About eight thousand sheets of A4 paper can be made from one tree trunk of about ten meters long and thirty centimeters thick.” So those 600 congress maps with about 8 a4 pages and at least 15 a4 pages for the slides were first a tree of at least 10 years old. Sadly, at least half a tree is wasted on unused conference folders and slides.

Will we stop making and then throw away what we do not use? That saves trees! There is a good alternative for paper conference folders and I dare say that this yields much more than just that tree.

With a digital map you save the paper and you do not throw anything away afterwards. There are more advantages: the presentation of the speaker can be adjusted up to the last moment, without having to reprint all the slides. Visitors can watch live on their phone and browse through the slides and take notes. The day agenda can be adjusted before and during the congress and, if desired, personalized. Evaluations do not have to be entered manually on paper, but can be taken digitally, at any time. Beautiful and environmentally friendly solutions.

Security Policies shouldn’t stand in the way of innovation

In recent weeks, I spoke to a large number of event managers who regularly organise corporate events. Most are on the constant lookout for new opportunities to embellish the event and surprise the public. In many cases, a modern way of interacting with the audience is at the top of an event manager’s wish list.

My conversations revealed that internal security policies often make it difficult to use interactive tools. Now there’s a lot to consider! You wouldn’t think that a user’s questions and answers would be made public to just anyone off the street. Or that separate voting keypad devices would be ‘accidentally’ switched out during the coffee break, rendering an incorrectly weighted vote at a shareholders or members meeting.

Savvy has years of experience in developing interactive tools for conferences and events. From the beginning, we have taken security issues and privacy legislation into account. Through this approach, we serve corporate accounts, such as Shell, and have always ensured that we comply fully with our clients’ security policies.

I invite every corporate event manager alongside their Security Manager to discuss the possibilities with us, just as Shell did. For corporate events, Savvy also has appropriate solutions that comply with the internal security policy. That’s Savvy, shifting knowledge on every level in the most compliant way possible.

What happened to my event App?

Recently there was panic throughout the industry. Apple has adapted its policy surrounding its Appstore. Most event apps had disappeared. Conference organisations are almost pulling out their hair. Typically, each conference has its own app available in the appstore. It sounds great and can be wonderful. Luckily, Savvy has always chosen to do things differently.


Even with interactive solutions, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The greater the dependency on others, the less control the chain has over the strength. Now Apple has turned out to be the weak link, and without this link the chain would not be broken.

The chain at Savvy is short and durable: no app, but a fully web-based solution that can adjust to match your house style. No dependence on the availability of a (WiFi) network, but its own on-site infrastructure. And no plugins that depend on a specific PowerPoint version or operating system. Savvy is simply a stable, autonomous, independent solution!

Every event is unique, just like our custom solutions

Association of Independent Translators

“Rates for translations decrease because most translators are women.”

During the autumn symposium of the Vereniging Zelfstandige Vertalers (Association of Independent Translators), there was plenty of discussion amongst attendees based on a few core statements. Chairman Tony Parr had everyone vote on a statement using Savvy Vote, before diving into each discussion point.

Each voting result was kept under wraps until after the discussion. Then a new vote was cast, and the results were made visible – side by side.

It made sense to vote twice and see the value of the discussion. Because everyone was divided into different categories, it also provided nice statistical insights.” explained Tony Parr. The provocative statement “Rates for translations decrease because most translators are women” led to a heated discussion.

Somewhat surprisingly, over 40% of the women present agreed initially with that statement. Day speaker Chris Durban vehemently criticised the assumption that rates are falling, and Savvy showed that the majority of participants agreed with her. And the room was generally strongly in favour of a call that many translators – and not just the female ones – would do well to assertively ensure that rates are and remain a healthy reflection of the quality offered.


Agrimarkt conducts customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis. For this they use different forms of research. Mystery shoppers visit the stores, and surveys are conducted at the exit. The results provide insight, but it remains rather one dimensional. Nothing more than a snapshot, Agrimarkt’s surveys didn’t always translate directly into fast and concrete actions and/or points for improvement. Only the results of the next survey would reveal whether the extra effort made on the improvement points would have been visible and realised.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Agrimarkt needed a new method for conducting customer satisfaction surveys. The starting points were clear: customers waiting in the queue at the checkout must be able to participate quickly and easily in a short survey. Additionally, the questions must be able to be adjusted at any time, and the results should be available immediately and remain transparent for all customers. Savvy started working with Agrimarkt to develop a new customer satisfaction survey system. In just two weeks the first version was developed. And within a period of six weeks, Savvy Retail was tested at Agrimarkt and improved daily. With the valuable feedback from many employees and customers, Savvy Retail has grown up quickly.

Continuous measurement

Savvy Retail now contributes to the continuous measurement of the customer shopping experience. It goes much further than most alternatives. For example, by linking the profile of the customer to the given answers, there are more analysis possibilities.

Dutch interview Directeur operations Agrimarkt

In addition, the Agrimarkt store manager has continuous insights into all the results and can respond immediately if needed. Management see straight away where any issues stick out and can take corrective measures. Best thing is that customers and employees in the store also see the results. Customers experience it as pleasant to receive feedback on the research and employees see the immediate results of their actions.

In the first week a short survey was conducted about the bread department. That same week, the same questions were asked about the meat department. There were striking differences between the answers collected about the two departments. Based on the outcome of those surveys more targeted questions were asked in the following week, allowing both departments to improve on specific points.


Customers waiting in line have limited time, so the survey must be able to be completed within 30 seconds. Our challenge was to design maximum three questions that would cover the issue at hand. In order to help realise this, the questions were developed based on previously given answers.

Lupus Academy

This international medical congress brought visitors together from all over the world to share knowledge and learn from one another. During the plenary presentations as well as the various workshops Savvy offered an added value.

At the start of the event, and to increase interaction, each participant was given a tablet. In this way, and more, Savvy proved its outstanding service in every aspect of the congress. Attendees and speakers alike were satisfied with the system.

Because of the easy interaction participants could ask questions of the speaker, vote and review streamed slideshows.The asked and answered questions went on to encourage knowledge sharing. Furthermore, the CME accreditation was noted by Savvy several times each day.

At the close of this enlightening and effective weekend the participants, speakers and the organisation all experienced the full Savvy effect. Everyone was thrilled that the evaluation forms and the CME could be completed and processed digitally. As interaction is very important to the Lupus Academy, they agreed that the Savvy system was the ideal tool to use during this meeting. In particular the flexibility and high degree of interaction meshed well with the objectives of the Academy. Savvy most definitely added value in Rome, especially because this was the Lupus Academy’s first step towards a paperless congress.


Buma/Stemra distribute licenses to music users and return the collected funds to the entitled parties: composers, lyricists and music publishers. During a recent general members meeting of Buma/Stemra, members had the opportunity to vote on current company issues.

The aim was to encourage the more than 26,000 members to vote. As many members as possible, and each vote having its own weight. Members who were not able to attend the general meeting in person should also have been able to vote. With the use of various smart technologies from Savvy, Buma/Stemra has discovered a solid solution for this complex challenge.


Buma/Stemra had designated a separate legal entity to represent each participant. In addition, not every vote would carry the same weight. Savvy could assign each member the correct voting weight. This function made it possible to run complex voting rounds – based on two different articles of association – quickly and efficiently. Even those votes cast on behalf of other members, by means of a proxy and accompanying voting weight, were easy to fine-tune.


For those members who wanted to attend the meeting but could not be physically present, Savvy set up a live audio stream. Through this live audio stream, members could follow what was being discussed during the members’ meeting in realtime. By means of Savvy Vote, the absentee members could also participate easily in the various voting rounds. Thanks to eVote, a large group of members could vote remotely during the meeting, with each person’s individual voting weight being taken into account.


Buma/Stemra consciously chose to let the members use their own device to participate in the various voting rounds. Upon arrival, members received a code by text message that allowed them to access Savvy Vote on their own device. Absentee members received a text message with a code that gave them access to both Savvy Vote and the live audio stream. It was up to the members themselves to use their 3G or 4G connection or the WiFi network facilitated by Savvy.


All in all a complex design with many different factors to take into account. By following the advice of the Savvy team to connect different smart tools from the various Savvy Congress solutions, Buma/Stemra was able to employ a straightforward, multi-purpose voting solution. This way, all the members could let their well-deserved vote be counted.

ACS audiovisual solutions

Buma/Stemra is a valued customer of ACS audiovisual solutions, which provides high-quality audio-visual and IT solutions for fairs, conferences and corporate events.
In view of the complexity of the voting process for this specific event, ACS has advised Buma/Stemra to use the services of Savvy. The collaboration between Savvy Congress and ACS has led to a flawless event and to the full satisfaction of the customer.

Housing Association

All co-workers received a tablet at the start of the congress to stimulate their involvement and drive their interaction in an easy, accessible way. Via the basic Savvy application, the workshop module and the Savvy Moodmirror.
Throughout the day, simply by using their tablet, co-workers could give their opinion by voting and asking questions.

Savvy people made sure that the system was totally anonymous, allowing all the co-workers to open up and ask questions freely. The chairman made sure that each question was shown on the screen, and answers were given right away by the MT.

Part of the day was reserved for interactive workshops. The Savvy system created groups with preselected chairpersons. Using the workshop module, all participants could utilise digital sticky-notes to share knowledge and add ideas. After the workshop sessions wrapped all the input was presented on the screen.

After a full day of interactive listening, sharing, watching, thinking and discussions, the Housing Association co-workers gave very positive feedback. The chairman was able to capture the upbeat mood with help from Savvy Moodmirror, and showed it instantly on the big screen. A very Savvy moment! 
All in all, the co-worker day was a highly constructive experience. With the support of the Savvy tools and the enthusiasm of the team the organisation managed to reach their goal.

International Software Company

A big International Software company organised a kick-off congress for over 500 of their managers from different countries worldwide. This 2-day event was held in Amsterdam, and Savvy supported it with different smart congress tools.

In January 2014 a big International Software company organised a kick-off congress for over 500 of their managers from different countries worldwide. This 2-day event was held in Amsterdam, and Savvy supported it with different smart congress tools.

Event company BINK brought Savvy onboard for this event. 

The congress was made up of different plenary sessions and numerous break-out sessions. And these were held not only in the main location but also in two external locations elsewhere in Amsterdam. All this coming and going increased the importance of the Savvy personalised agenda. An agenda that made it easy for everyone to know where to be and at what time.
It was extremely important that each attendee was able to view their digital agenda at any time – whether online or offline – including transfer information to and from Schiphol. Savvy facilitated the Savvy social module, voting, Q&A and, of course, live streaming of the slides.

After the event everyone could look back on two very inspiring days. Not only the attendees, but also the organisation had a highly successful and positive Savvy experience.  Thanks to the Savvy personal agenda, it was easy to make changes to the agenda during the day, and to use push notifications for all the attendees when needed. With the support of the Savvy tools and the enthusiasm of the team the organisation managed to reach their goal.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

How do you measure your event’s ROI (Return on Investment)? That’s what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wanted to know, along with just about every event organiser. Recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organised an in-house day to support the recruitment and selection of 40 new diplomats. We at Savvy Congress were asked to measure the effectiveness of the in-house day, and to tend to the digital interaction of those participants both onsite and via livestream. Here’s how we did it, in just 4 steps!

STEP 1: Determine SMART objectives in advance

Determining the ROI after an event can often lead to considerable problems, because no clear objectives have been set in advance. But if you do lay out SMART objectives in advance, you can also easily determine the baseline to establish the ROI. The objectives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were clear and SMART, allowing us to easily translate them into various measurement points.

STEP 2: Start with a clear baseline

One method to measure effectiveness is to send an evaluation form to the participants after the event, generating typically an 8% response rate. This kind of sample size isn’t sufficient to make reliable conclusions. Additionally, such a corrupted measurement gives no clear indication as to how the participants thought about specific topics before the start of the event. Through the Savvy Vote app, all in-house day participants (both onsite and via livestream) were asked to answer a number of questions before the event kicked off. The number of respondents to this survey exceeded 80%. And a clear picture emerged of the potential applicants’ viewpoints about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

STEP 3: Build in more benchmark moments

During the event, more benchmark moments were built in, without affecting the participants’ experience. Panel discussions brought on plenty of responses through questions and statements. This resulted in interaction and a lot of information being collected and passed along to further substantiate the ROI. By using Savvy Vote, participants also had the opportunity to send questions directly to the panel moderator. By including these steps, the involvement between the participants and the panel members increased enormously. After the event, all participants received a second survey with a few questions. The number of respondents to this survey: 65%.

STEP 4: Share results directly with all stakeholders

Based on the surveys given before and after the event, it quickly became clear how effective the transfer of knowledge was during the in-house day at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Together, all the measurement data formed the basis for a full report that was available immediately to all stakeholders. Now that’s Savvy!



The meeting was experienced as very useful and informative by the participants. Afterwards, 79% indicated that they would apply. The data collected through the applications from Savvy Congress provided good insight into, among other things, the studies that were followed by participants in the in-house afternoon. That was particularly useful information and based on this, the labor market communication was used in a more targeted manner.

Partners of Savvy Congress

Savvy Congress will work closely together with some different organisations, together we form a chain that is optimising the use of our products. These co-operations can help you to realise a good connection with the registration tool and a good interplay between a trained chairman and the speaker.

Savvy Congress and Halito! work closely together to manage your event registration. With Halito! you create your own branded event communication that fits every type of event. Manage your invitations, attendees, (no)shows in our event registration software.

A good chairman or speaker will get the best result out of Savvy vote and/or Savvy Congress. The “GoedeDagVoorzitters” will gladly share their knowledge and experience. A lot of the chairmen of “De GoedeDagVoorzitters” had a training by Savvy, to be able to get the best results out of Savvy Vote and/or Congress.



Savvy Retail likes to work with the inspiring employees of Selly in the field of innovative retail concepts. Through this collaboration customer satisfaction surveys and the various successful retail campaigns of Selly as Lucky codes come together in the products of Savvy Retail.

Some of our satisfied customers

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