October 2019 – Savvy Vote, Savvy Tour and Savvy Klankbord (focus group) let you utilise various types of questioning during your event. In addition to open questions, multiple choice and diverse ratings, you can now use prompts to raise questions.

Prompting makes it possible, for example, for participants to mark areas on a photo as correct or incorrect. It can also limit the number of answers and/or the maximum number of identification attempts.

Example: During a study on fracture theory, a lecturer wants to gain insight into what the participants’ skill level is in reading actual X-rays. The lecturer asks the participants to point out on the photo where the specific fracture is visible.

Example: A speaker at a symposium on architecture wants to know whether the participants understand where to mark safety measures on a floorplan. The speaker asks the participants to circle on the photo where the emergency exit sign should be placed and where the fire extinguisher should be mounted.