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Creating a safe working environment is a top priority for Eurest Services. Clients also expect Eurest Services to comply with the safety policy correctly. Safety in the workplace is therefore a subject that requires constant attention from all employees. In so-called Toolbox sessions, employees are trained in safety policy. And on the shop floor there is a lot of attention for compliance with the safety regulations.

The challenge: breaking routine

Eurest Services has a source of knowledge, documentation and experience in the field of safety. To break the routine of periodic safety sessions, Eurest Services was looking for an innovative method to bring safety regulations to the attention of employees in a different way.

The assignment: challenging for every safety knowledge level, raising safety awareness and giving room to share experiences.

“We bring safety knowledge and awareness to our employees in various ways. Sometimes more serious when discussing lessons learned, and sometimes with a mix of game variation, learning and innovation. We are constantly looking for new, innovative ways to make our employees enthusiastic about safety. ” Arthur Niessink, Eurest Services.

The solution: Savvytour

Eurest Services and Savvy investigated the feasibility of using the Savvy Tour. Savvy Tour is an interactive location based tool with which knowledge can be transferred and tested. The level of the tour is automatically adjusted to the knowledge level of the relevant employee. These smart applications were the deciding factor for Eurest Services to award Savvy the contract. And so the Eurest Services Safety tour became a reality.

The content for the Safety Tour was entered by Eurest Services itself into the Content Management System (CMS) of Savvy. In addition to factual knowledge, images and challenging questions were also introduced. And so a complete interactive Safety Tour was created in a relatively short time. The new training was applied directly in a large Dutch Eurest Services contract where safety is an absolute top priority.

The Safety Tour in practice

Eurest Services employees were given a Gamepass in small groups with a unique QR code, generated from the CMS of Savvy Tour. After scanning the QR code and entering a team name, the Eurest Services Safety tour was activated.

A number of locations were selected in advance for each location and provided with a unique Safetytour QR code. Passers-by who scan the QR code, but do not participate in the tour, were shown generic information about the Eurest Services Safety tour. When scanning the QR code, participants received specific questions or assignments per location, tailored to their individual knowledge level.

Gamification element

The teams and locations of the QR codes were announced at the start of the safety tour. By scanning a QR code at one of the locations, the teams received information and a number of questions, tailored to their own level of knowledge. Every correct answer earned points. Every wrong answer cost penalty points. With a certain number of points, the teams automatically reached a higher level. Depending on the level, the questions became increasingly difficult when scanning the following QR code. The teams with the highest total points came in the top 5.

Digital monitoring and adjustment

The CMS of Savvy Tour has a dashboard where the results can be followed live in an orderly manner. For example, Eurest Services had real-time insight into the progress of the various teams per location and detailed information about which questions were found easy or difficult. In this way it quickly became clear what the safety knowledge level of each team was and the safety sessions focused on the most striking points.

“With Savvy Tour we have succeeded in highlighting a sometimes boring but important topic in a fun way. Very inspiring how gamification contributes to safety awareness. The direct feedback in the safety session makes this session more valuable than before. ”Marco Kiewiet, Eurest Services

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