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Zuid Hollands Landschap

As a walker you can independently look for the posts and then scan the QR code. For this it is not necessary to first download an app. After scanning the code, information about the environment is immediately available. From the red wood ant to Rhododendrons. Don’t feel like searching for the posts? The built-in map will immediately indicate where the various posts are located in the estate.

Forester, volunteer, donor

Like many foundations, the South Holland Landscape is highly dependent on its donors and volunteers to properly maintain what they manage. Many volunteers participate in maintenance. Sponsors and donors are also responsible for the financial resources. People work hard every day to recruit new donors.

Occasionally people call on the help of the forester to take a walk with a large group of hikers. During the walk, the forester talks about the details of ‘his’ terrain. The appreciation is often huge and as a rule they are quickly prepared to become a donor.

However, the forester has many other tasks and it is unfortunately not possible to walk through a region every week with a group. It would also make too great an appeal to the efforts of all volunteers associated with the Zuid Hollands Landschap.

Interactive educational walking tour

Something remarkable is happening at the beautiful Ockenburgh Estate. Posts were erected at different places with a unique QR code. These are carefully chosen places that the forester certainly has something to say about. Whoever scans QR code discovers the story of the forester. These posts are on seven different places on the old estate. This created an interactive educational walk in the estate.


The mobile 4G range is not always that good in this environment. Savvy has developed smart technology for this and ensures that necessary data is always available, regardless of the 4G range at that time. This makes the dependence on 4G in an outer area a lot smaller.

The interactive walk was realized on Savvy Tour. Savvy Tour is the platform when it comes to setting up an interactive (educational) tour in-house. By using a CMS, management is entirely in the hands of the South Holland landscape. This gives him enormous flexibility and scalability. Savvy Tour also includes the possibility to test the knowledge by just asking questions at each pole.

Coffee with apple pie

If you scan multiple QR codes as a walker, the virtual forest ranger will kindly ask you if you want to receive the newsletter or perhaps you want to become a donor. If you wish, you will receive a voucher directly by email, good for a discount on coffee with apple pie at Brasserie Ock and / or a discount on a plant at the nearby Ockenburgh garden center.

Example of information about the rhododendron.

  • datum:2018-2019
  • tools:

    Savvy Tour

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