October 2019 – Sponsoring makes it possible to organise high-impact events. But how do you convince sponsors that their investment will lead to the desired result? It starts, of course, with a good sponsor proposal that matches the sponsor’s business objectives and fits your event. But you really win sponsors over with facts. It’s more important than ever to demonstrate that the sponsor’s investment is both responsible and profitable. Without visible returns, a sponsor will not be tempted to take you up on your next exhibition. So how do you make a visible and smart impact?


A lot of sponsors work with SMART objectives (Specific-Measurable-Acceptable-Realistic) to quantify their results. This is a straightforward way to measure, making it easy to visualise the impact. You can do this in various ways. A commonly used method is to send out an evaluation form after the event. But even if the response to the evaluation leads to reliable feedback, this method doesn’t always provide a good picture of the event’s impact. Participants can’t always recall afterwards what a sponsor message did (or didn’t) accomplish in regards to their image during the event. The solution is simple: build in several measuring moments during the event.


With multiple measuring moments, you achieve a reliable and visible total assessment that provides insight into the result for the desired sponsoring effect. Make it as attractive as possible for participants to get involved by incorporating different measurement methods and moments throughout the event.

For example:

  • Ask all participants to fill in a short questionnaire via their smartphone at the start of the event. This gives you a good and immediate baseline measurement.
  • Let the audience respond to questions and statements during the keynotes. This increases audience interaction, and it gives you a good idea about the impact of the subject.
  • End break-out sessions and/or workshops with a short questionnaire that matches the theme of the session/workshop.
  • Offer a further questionnaire with a final evaluation via the smartphone before the networking drinks. Or take it one step further; after a participant finishes the questionnaire, have a voucher appear on their smartphone that entitles them to a well-filled goodie bag.


Even before the networking drinks, you already have insight into the effects of the event and the sponsorship contribution. Compare the zero measurement with the final evaluation to get an immediate and reliable score. What a way to start a persuasive conversation during drinks!