The corona virus has far-reaching consequences for the organisation of Shareholder Meeting. Where we used to be able to physically meet, we now find ourselves scrambling for virtual meeting alternatives. Online meetings are the new reality. Fortunately, there are various possibilities to organise your digital meetings in such a way that shareholders can participate in the meetings without restrictions.

Savvy’s interactive voting tools allow shareholders to vote electronically – without having to be physically present at the meeting. We offer much more in addition to this online voting tool. An agenda, a chat room, a Q&A, evaluation, a moodmirror, and much more! This makes the online meeting more creative and above all more interactive.


Savvy Event stands for secure interaction and reliable voting during online meetings or hybrid events with more than 50 participants.

Online or hybrid meetings and events have quickly become the new normal as a fully-fledged alternative to live meetings. Smooth, interactive participation from different locations, countries or continents is important to the reliable and efficient transfer of information.

Measurable quality and professionalism must be guaranteed. This is possible thanks to our various tools and services. It is important to set goals in advance. With the help of these goals and by collecting data, you gain direct insight into the Return on Investment (ROI) / Engagement (ROE).

A hybrid setup of an event or meeting is extremely flexible in terms of the blueprint. You determine the number of online participants versus the number of those physically present, up to the very last moment. Need to switch to a completely online event or meeting? We can accommodate you.

In short: an efficient, working solution for complex meetings and knowledge events where every vote counts.


Savvy offers a reliable technical infrastructure with various interactive tools, such as Savvy Vote. This enables remote and online (weighted) e-voting to those entitled to vote as well as online participation in the digital general meeting. Essential elements for a Shareholders’ Meeting.

By means of an audio or video livestream set up by Savvy, it is possible for participants to follow the meeting online or on the spot. They can vote in real time and, if necessary, with secure authentication.

Thanks to the smart tool from Savvy, digital voting can be accurately tracked and the data can be stored. Furthermore, participants can ask questions, live, to the speakers with the Q&A addition and participants can also be broadcast live during questioning. They become part of the live stream. All this ensures optimal interaction.


Need a suitable broadcast location? The Savvy Studio is designed specifically to facilitate fluid, live online/digital Annual General Meetings (AGMs) or General Shareholders’ Meetings without any technical concerns. All the necessary equipment is available in our studio to broadcast your meeting and to organise the online voting  via a high-speed internet connection through a live stream.

We configure the Savvy Studio to match your ideal meeting set-up. Want one large table or one or more lecterns? When it comes to configuration, your wishes are our command.

Do you have your eye on a location where the meeting can take place? Excellent! We will convert your chosen location into the studio that suits your needs.


Are you looking for a reliable online meeting option? Do you need a solid e-vote/electronic voting tool with weighted voting, or do you just want to know more about the possibilities offered by Savvy? Every Thursday is Demo Day! Based on this free online demo, we explain in depth about our interactive tools and ensure you have a clear understanding about the possibilities.

Register for Demo Day using the form below or reach out to us for more information.

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