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Savvy is a down-to-earth Dutch company with a lot of experience in the event industry. We offer constant innovations and smart improvements for the digital support of knowledge events. We help share knowledge, collect feedback through voting and measure the impact for your events as well as your congresses (ROI / ROE).
Savvy Vote is the basis for every event and congress. You can utilise various options and, if required, customisations.
Savvy Congress is the total solution for your next paperless event or congress, and can support both Multi-hub and hybrid events and congresses. Functionally, Savvy Congress can be expanded easily with customisation.

Basic packages

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Savvy Vote provides more interaction and makes an event more effective. With Savvy Vote you can choose from various evaluation forms.

Savvy Vote can be adapted to any house style, and the functionality can be fully tailored to meet the specific wishes of the customer.

Savvy Vote offers all the possibilities of a voting box and much more.


Savvy Congress has all the same functions of Savvy Vote, and more. Savvy Congress works on all devices and offers a handheld live second screen. Without downloading anything, all your participants can share knowledge and “chat” directly on their own device during the conference.

Participants can scroll back through slides to take notes and ask questions to the speaker. They can respond live to statements and/or questions from the speaker. Their answers are then displayed directly in various formats on the screen.


Savvy Hybrid has all the functions of Savvy Congress, and brings the different congress and/or event locations together. The distance between the various locations no longer plays any role.

Increasingly, your conference visitors want to participate openly as speakers or participants. Smooth participation from different locations, countries or continents is important. That is why more and more hybrid events are being organised. A Savvy Hybrid event enables you to connect two worlds.


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  • Add a (personalized) agenda to Savvy Vote
  • Insert speaker biographies into the agenda
  • Provide a dynamic agenda based on feedback received


  • Add Q&A to Savvy Vote
  • Ask the speaker questions via Savvy Vote
  • Enable a moderator to filter questions


  • Share evaluations
  • Receive high response
  • Link goodie bag to the evaluation


  • Add chat to Savvy Vote
  • Empower participants to network amongst themselves
  • Enable participants to share knowledge amongst themselves

Mood Mirror

  • Vote with Smileys.
  • Poll the mood amongst a live audience.
  • Get constant live results.


  • Use keywords in a cloud.
  • Show numbers with the average in a cloud.
  • Reveal what people in the room think.


  • Increase your reach.
  • Enable live listening and/or viewing.
  • Make yours a multi-hub or hybrid event.


  • Allow secure and fast remote voting.
  • Create remote interaction (Hub).
  • Increase remote interaction.
  • Facilitate total integration of both onsite and online attendees.


  • Easily register who is present in the room.
  • Check who goes to which session.
  • Assign voting rights based on attendance.


  • See who is entering the room live and on-screen.
  • Lower the network threshold.

CME-CPD (Accreditation)

  • Activate presence control.
  • Initiate knowledge assessment.
  • Add value to accreditation points achieved.

Related products

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The words fly around during a debate or speech. With Savvy Speakerscloud, the words that are most pronounced appear live on a screen like a cloud (Wordle). The more often the word is spoken, the more emphatically it will be presented in the cloud.


Savvy Exit Poll makes it possible to show live how your visitors have experienced the event as your event wraps up. Upon departure, visitors give feedback on one Exit Poll question with one push of a button.