About Savvy

Savvy is a Dutch company that has been developing software to bring the physical and online elements together at events every day since 2014. With 10 years of experience in industries where knowledge transfer is central and technology increasingly plays a leading role, we are the technical partner that goes beyond just offering tools. We develop, install and deliver data that will help you move forward. We believe that interactive applications are becoming increasingly important to get in touch with your target group(s) and to involve them in your message.

We believe that with the help of good data you can make better decisions, get more out of your budget and increase customer or employee satisfaction. That is why we develop accessible tools with which you can come into contact with your target group and exchange knowledge in a smart, interactive way. General members’ meetings, knowledge events, open days, shareholders’ meetings: people are everywhere. People who count on a flawless experience in which they are actively involved. Savvy makes it fun and easy!

Savvy team

Savvy is a fast-growing company where personal service and contact with the customer are important. Our employees have a real ‘all hands-on deck’ mentality. For each event, we bundle together the strongest skills of our employees, so that we can deliver the best result.

Our team consists of varied employees with a lot of experience within the event and software industry. Thanks to this combined knowledge and experiences, we can help you during the entire process and provide you with the best service in the realisation of your event.

For who

Savvy is focused on Business-to-Business. We work with many different companies from different sectors, such as healthcare, media, retail, government and financial. In addition to these companies, we work for associations and shareholders who use our platform for their General Members’ Meetings or their Shareholders’ Meetings to vote safely (online).

Would you like to read more about the experiences of our customers and our assignments? Take a look at our cases page.

All our tools have been developed to stimulate the user as much as possible to participate and actively share knowledge. Our tools are flexible. They can be customised to fit corporate identity and desired functionalities. We developed the tools ourselves and know the technology behind the tools in great detail. This means that we provide working solutions to fit all shapes and sizes. No matter the challenges we encounter.

Work at Savvy

Savvy is a growing company. That is why we are always looking for people to join our team. We promise you a very interesting working environment, challenging and complex issues and a friendly and collaborative team that works together on the most innovative solutions in the market.

Privacy statement

We deal with a lot of different information during our events. Do you want to know what we collect, why we collect it, what we do with it and for whom we collect it? Then read our privacy statement.

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