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  • Eurest Services

    Creating a safe working environment is a top priority for Eurest Services. Clients also expect Eurest Services to comply with the safety policy correctly. Safety in the workplace is therefore a subject that requires constant attention from all employees. In so-called Toolbox sessions, employees are trained in safety policy. And on the shop floor there is a lot of attention for compliance with the safety regulations.

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  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    How do you measure your event’s ROI (Return on Investment)? That’s what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wanted to know, along with just about every event organiser. Recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organised an in-house day to support the recruitment and selection of 40 new diplomats. We at Savvy Congress were asked to measure the effectiveness of the in-house day, and to tend to the digital interaction of those participants both onsite and via livestream. Here’s how we did it, in just 4 steps!

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  • Buma/Stemra

    Buma/Stemra distribute licenses to music users and return the collected funds to the entitled parties: composers, lyricists and music publishers. During a recent general members meeting of Buma/Stemra, members had the opportunity to vote on current company issues.The aim was to encourage the more than 26,000 members to vote. As many members as possible, and each vote having its own weight. Members who were not able to attend the general meeting in person should also have been able to vote. With the use of various smart technologies from Savvy, Buma/Stemra has discovered a solid solution for this complex challenge. Read more
  • Agrimarkt

    Agrimarkt conducts customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis. For this they use different forms of research. Mystery shoppers visit the stores, and surveys are conducted at the exit. The results provide insight, but it remains rather one dimensional. Nothing more than a snapshot, Agrimarkt’s surveys didn’t always translate directly into fast and concrete actions and/or points for improvement. Only the results of the next survey would reveal whether the extra effort made on the improvement points would have been visible and realised.

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  • Zuid Hollands Landschap

    As a walker you can independently look for the posts and then scan the QR code. For this it is not necessary to first download an app. After scanning the code, information about the environment is immediately available. From the red wood ant to Rhododendrons. Don’t feel like searching for the posts? The built-in map will immediately indicate where the various posts are located in the estate.

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  • Landvast

    At the Landvast cinema in Alblasserdam, it was considered to abolish the break during the film. But what do the different visitors to Landvast think about this? The Anapod was deployed to gain insight into this in a two-week period.

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