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1. Registration

To get a good overview of who is physically attending and who is joining the meeting online, it is necessary to start a good registration process. Savvy Congress removed this concern from the customer and set up a digital registration page. Via a professionally built web page, the participants could read information about the event in advance and register. Via a link, the system automatically loaded the data of the participants into Savvy’s platform. Last-minute changes were also implemented – for example, the participant could still indicate at the last minute whether he would be coming online or physically.

2. Platform and live stream

With Savvy Congress’ all-in-one platform, both physical and online participants are involved in your event. The platform is fully designed in the corporate style of the customer or the event. The platform is recognisable for the participant with the logo, house colours, fonts and images. The meeting is streamed live via the platform and the online participant can watch and participate.

To make the live stream attractive to the online participants, it is important that a good technical setup is ready with multiple cameras and the correct lighting. In this case, the chairman and several speakers had to be clearly visible. The public also came into view with other cameras; for example, there was a camera aimed at the interruption microphone. This way, people at home can see who is speaking and they have a greater sense of being present at the meeting. Remote participants are displayed on request when they wish to speak. This ensures full participation for all parties.

3. Interaction and formal voting

It is important to take participants along during the event and keep them engaged. Not only the online participant but also the physical participant contributes to the interaction possibilities. Through the chat, participants can talk to each other and enter into a discussion both physically and online. With various interaction options such as quiz questions, pollings, word clouds and mood mirrors, the participant is involved in the story that is being conveyed. In addition to interaction, it is also important that all participants vote formally at the same time.

For the BNG Bank meeting, the Savvy Tablets were used for formal voting. Participants received a personal login code with all their voting rights in advance. The tablets were ready on the chairs so that the participants could log in immediately at the start of the meeting and check their profile with voting weight. Voting cards (and any authorizations) are used via Savvy’s platform. The result was also immediately calculated and, after approval from the notary, immediately shared with all participants.

4. Engage the online participant

A hybrid event is not a live event – ​​the online participant should not be forgotten, even during a meeting. To also give them a say, the online participants were given the opportunity to open their webcam and join the conversation. Just as the physically present participant raises his hand and walks to the interruption microphone, the online participant virtually raises his hand and is given the opportunity to turn on his camera and fully participate. This was successfully used, so that there was also participation in the meeting from home.

5. Savvy’s Service

All this is supported by the Savvy Congress team. During the event, the BNG Bank team had plenty of other points for attention: the catering, the location, and the course of the event and its attendees. To alleviate some of their concerns, the Savvy Congress team was present to provide support: in addition to the necessary technology, Savvy’s team monitors the platform, the interaction and the online (participants).


When organising a hybrid event, it is important that the focus is divided into different aspects. Both the physical and digital participants must be actively involved in the event so that it remains an exciting day for all parties. It is important that the technology and other aspects are well organised.

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