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2303, 2023

Why you should implement gamification into your event

Gamification is becoming increasingly recognised as a source of interaction between event attendees, organisations and their target audiences. It allows organisations to implement a ‘playful’ element to attract people’s attention and spark their enthusiasm. What is gamification? Gamification is the technique of adding game elements to non-game-related activities. It has the [...]

2303, 2023

Savvy Congress at EventSummit 2023!

On the 9th of March 2023, Savvy Congress was present at the annual EventSummit 2023 exhibition at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, The Netherlands. EventSummit is the biggest Dutch fair for the event professional. We prepared for a day full of meetings and festivities, celebrating their 15th anniversary. 15 years filled with uniting large numbers [...]

702, 2023

Why sustainability is so important

Sustainability is no longer a topic that can be left in the back of our minds. It is no longer an issue of the future, it is about NOW. What is sustainability really? Sustainability means different things to different people. For example: Being green and environmentally friendly [...]

702, 2023

5 tips for creating a highly sustainable event

Actively encourage participants to be a part of the change Inspire participants to become a part of the change in sustainability. Communicate your goals before the event and help them make better choices by advising on travel. Involving your participants in the process will have a much greater success rate than only using a [...]

912, 2022

Green Friday

Green Friday: What is it? Green Friday is a movement against the unsustainable mass-consumerism and throwaway culture of Black Friday. It aims to raise awareness about the negative effects of Black Friday on both the environment and our society. People are encouraged to reflect on their shopping habits and make better decisions. [...]

2511, 2022

Savvy at IBTM World!

On Monday the 28th of November 2022, the Savvy Congress team travelled to Barcelona to attend the IBTM World exhibition. IBTM World is the leading global event for the meetings and events industry. The main goal of the exhibition is to inspire the event industry and help them to achieve better business results. [...]


1212, 2022

The digital interpreter booth for your event

The language opportunities within the Savvy system have been expanded with an interpreter booth. This means that the interpreter can follow the livestream in their own environment and consult with other interpreters if desired. The Savvy team have worked hard these past few months in collaboration with various interpreters, on a system that is [...]

2007, 2021


July 2021 – We can gradually physically gather together again with more and more people. It's looking like it's going in the right direction, and maybe soon, we can organise on-location, physcial events again. Bringing people from all over the world together again! This is once again, an adjustment of course. [...]

305, 2019

Savvy opens the inspiration room

May 2019 – It used to be that Savvy’s Inspiration Workroom was closed to everyone but the Savvy development team. Our workroom is the breeding ground for the new discoveries, developments and beta testing of our innovative Savvy tools. On occasion, we’ve opened the Inspiration Workroom to Savvy clients who have been actively involved [...]

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