2709, 2023

Hybrid events is all about participation

Are you planning an event and having doubts about how to organise it? What is the right form? Is there one right form? No, we don't think so. The type and content of your event are always different and the target group changes along with it.   A great outcome is a hybrid event; [...]

709, 2023

Importing the attendeelist via the API link

There are many different ways of creating a participant list when organising an event. Either the organiser has a certain list of participants who are getting invited (e.g. when it is an in-house corporate event) or people can sign up via a registration form. Either way, different systems can be used to create a [...]

709, 2023

AI vs. Human Touch

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a wide-ranging term for the science and engineering of smart machines capable of performing human or animal-like cognitive functions. The computers themselves can’t think; they use algorithms to mimic human cognitive behaviour such as perceiving, reasoning, problem-solving, interacting with their environment, creativity and learning. AI is everywhere now. In [...]

709, 2023

4 reasons why only using a tool for an event isn’t good enough

You can't escape it anymore: to inform and involve the participants during an event, you need a tool or a platform. This way, every participant can submit a question, participate in fun interaction moments (such as polls and WordClouds) and have the agenda on hand. But with a simple tool, you are not there [...]

1906, 2023

Low turnout at your event?

In the past few months, Savvy Congress has been busy taking care of General Members’- and Stakeholder’s meetings. Unfortunately, for our customers, many of these meetings were poorly attended. Why is that? What can you do about it? As an organisation, how do you attract attendees more to a physical [...]

1904, 2023

It’s time to meet again!

March and April traditionally mark the period for all General Shareholders’ Meetings and General Assembly Meetings. For Savvy’s team, this is the busiest time of the year: March and April traditionally mark the period of many GSMs and GMMs. Terms such as “discharge for the board” and “approval of the annual reports” are [...]


1212, 2022

The digital interpreter booth for your event

The language opportunities within the Savvy system have been expanded with an interpreter booth. This means that the interpreter can follow the livestream in their own environment and consult with other interpreters if desired. The Savvy team have worked hard these past few months in collaboration with various interpreters, on a system that is [...]

2007, 2021


July 2021 – We can gradually physically gather together again with more and more people. It's looking like it's going in the right direction, and maybe soon, we can organise on-location, physcial events again. Bringing people from all over the world together again! This is once again, an adjustment of course. [...]

305, 2019

Savvy opens the inspiration room

May 2019 – It used to be that Savvy’s Inspiration Workroom was closed to everyone but the Savvy development team. Our workroom is the breeding ground for the new discoveries, developments and beta testing of our innovative Savvy tools. On occasion, we’ve opened the Inspiration Workroom to Savvy clients who have been actively involved [...]

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