Hybrid events is all about participation

Published On: 27 September 2023| 312 words| Categories: Blogs|

Are you planning an event and having doubts about how to organise it? What is the right form? Is there one right form?
No, we don’t think so. The type and content of your event are always different and the target group changes along with it.
A great outcome is a hybrid event; the option for participants to connect physically or online. However, for many event managers, this is a challenging task.

If you opt for a hybrid event, don’t make the mistake of adding one camera at the back of the room that only streams a complete image.
This provides a kind of surveillance camera image of your event that is so static that it is not interesting for anyone to watch (for a long time).

Hybrid is more than just putting a camera in the back and streaming the event online. It is important that both physical and online participants must be involved in the event.

A real hybrid event gives all participants the opportunity to actively participate. This is only possible with a platform that is specially built for hybrid events.

Benefits of a hybrid platform

✅ Live Q&A where the online participant can call in and ask their question live to the speaker, just like the physical participant.
✅ Real-time interaction that ensures that both physical and online participants complete the same WordCloud or polling, at the same time.
✅ Connection between physical and online: all participants can see who is physically present or online and chat with each other and establish a connection.

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