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Published On: 12 December 2022| 326 words| Categories: Innovaties|

The language opportunities within the Savvy system have been expanded with an interpreter booth. This means that the interpreter can follow the livestream in their own environment and consult with other interpreters if desired. The Savvy team have worked hard these past few months in collaboration with various interpreters, on a system that is easy to use for the interpreters themselves.

In a world where digitalisation and internationalisation are dominant, it is becoming increasingly common practice to make events accessible to a wider group of spectators With today’s digital opportunities, anyone from anywhere in the world can join an online or hybrid event.

To support this accessibility, the Savvy platform had already been available in different languages. Now the platform has been expanded with an interpreter function.

How does it work?

When the participate is logged in, they can change the language of the homescreen. Once the participant has entered the plenary session, they can turn on the interpreter function in the top left hand corner if desired.

The interpreter logs in on two tabs or laptops. The first screen or tab is where the interpreter follows the livestream. The second screen or tab is where the interpreter logs into the interpreting-space. This is the work environment. If there are several interpreters involved in the same event, they have the opportunity to turn on their webcams and talk to one another via the Intercom. A chat function is also present to allow interpreters to communicate quickly.

At the top of the screen you will see various functionalities available. This is where the interpreter can for example, select the language and ‘go live’ when it is time to interpret. By pressing the ‘mute’-button, the interpreter is able to shortly pause the interpretation if they need to cough.

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