Savvy opens the inspiration room

Published On: 3 May 2019| 135 words| Categories: Innovaties|

May 2019 – It used to be that Savvy’s Inspiration Workroom was closed to everyone but the Savvy development team. Our workroom is the breeding ground for the new discoveries, developments and beta testing of our innovative Savvy tools.
On occasion, we’ve opened the Inspiration Workroom to Savvy clients who have been actively involved in a new product pilot. Still, the door remained shut to all other prying eyes.
But that’s about to change! During the open inspiration sessions, everyone is welcome in the Inspiration Workroom. Innovators can get to know the Savvy team and learn all about the latest developments and yet-to-be-released tools. It’s all very exciting.Savvy will organise various inspiration sessions in the areas of Event, Retail and Tour. Check out our website for the current dates and Dutch-language options.

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