Importing the attendeelist via the API link

Published On: 7 September 2023| 265 words| Categories: Blogs|

There are many different ways of creating a participant list when organising an event. Either the organiser has a certain list of participants who are getting invited (e.g. when it is an in-house corporate event) or people can sign up via a registration form. Either way, different systems can be used to create a participant list.

When using a platform or any application, the attendees need to get access to it. In many cases, the participant list is imported via an API link. This implies that the participant list can be taken from the registration system directly into the platform. This can be a great advantage if changes are made to the participant list at the last minute. These changes are then automatically adopted in the platform.

On the other hand, an API link does require some extra organisation and preparation. It is extremely important that the API link is correctly done and checked upfront importing the participant list. For instance, if certain fields are not the same, the information cannot pass correctly. To illustrate: if the names in both systems do not match, the information may not be transferred correctly. This therefore requires discipline from all users. This preparation and control take a lot of time, and, therefore, also money.

In many cases, it is even easier and less time-consuming, if an export of the participant list is done in the registration system and uploaded to the platform directly. At Savvy Congress we look at all options per event and advise our customers on the most efficient way.

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