How does it work when you organise a hybrid event?

Published On: 25 April 2022| 301 words| Categories: Blogs|

How does it work when you organise a hybrid event?

A hybrid event starts like any other event, with a purpose for an event. Is the goal to create an interactive event where physical and online participants can communicate with each other? Savvy can help with that!
During a demo session, Savvy can work with you to see what options bets suit your event goals. There are various different options available such as plenary sessions, breakout rooms and interactive tools.

A hybrid event consists of both physical and online participants. To ensure that the online participants feel as involved as the physical participants, a partner is needed who will ensure that everything runs smoothly.
Savvy’s team offers live support for online and physical participants. This allows the organisation to focus on the event itself and not have to worry about the technology or participants having issues with logging in.

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