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Savvy Congress has all the same functions of Savvy Vote, and more. Savvy Congress works on all devices and offers your participants a handheld live second screen.

The tool is user friendly and works on all devices and platforms: tablets, smartphones and laptops. Without downloading anything, all participants can share knowledge and “chat” directly on their own device during the conference.

Participants can scroll back through slides to take notes and ask questions to the speaker. They can respond live to statements and/or questions from the speaker. Their answers are then displayed directly in various formats on the screen.


  • Fully paperless event
  • Watch live slides and scroll back
  • Agenda with information about the speaker
  • Flexible in functionality


Make an event even more fun with extra functionality; for example, combine Savvy Presence with Namecloud. Having an event at multiple locations (multi-hub)? Add e-Vote and Livestream for the ideal solution.

Starting € 3.495 ,-

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