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Savvy hybrid has all the functions of Savvy Congress, and brings the different congress/event locations together. The distance between the various locations no longer plays any role.


Increasingly, your conference visitors want to participate openly as speakers or participants. Smooth participation from different locations, countries or continents is important. That is why more and more hybrid events are being organised. But your task is not complete with just the design of a special room.

A Savvy Hybrid event enables you to connect two worlds. Participants who are present have a direct connection with the online participants. And all participants can use any function offered by the Savvy Congress system. Online participants see and hear the speakers in the room and can see and follow the PowerPoint presentations in realtime.


A Savvy Hybrid event is a community where every participant is visible. Meaning, among other functions, all participants see the questions asked from anywhere in the world, either online or via a tablet in the room. This complete Q&A session is managed by a moderator, just as with Savvy Congress. The same applies to the voting questions. The online participants vote simultaneously with the physically present participants.

All participants, online or physically present, can send each other messages. These can be one-on-one messages, but also group messages. For example, you can send group messages by filtering nationality, position or industry. Naturally, this depends on the information we receive from you.

All participants can discuss the various topics with each other at any time in a public chat room. And every participant can read these messages in chronological order.


External, non-physically present speakers can be made visible to both those present in the room and to all online participants. The speaker is then be both seen and heard and that person’s slides are shown separately. For example, in the room there is a picture-in-picture (PiP); the speaker is shown in the main screen and one, two or three extra PiPs show the slides of the PowerPoint. The speaker operates the PowerPoint from his or her location.


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