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Give your participants the opportunity to vote in a weighted or anonymous way and let them respond immediately to the speaker’s statements.

Savvy Vote provides more interaction and makes an event more effective. With Savvy Vote you can choose from various evaluation forms: from simple evaluation afterwards to interim evaluation. These interim evaluations provide direct insight into the effectiveness of the meeting. You can adapt Savvy Vote to your organisation’s house style and fully tailor its functionality to meet your specific demands.

Savvy Vote offers you all the possibilities of a voting box and much more!

One of our employees is always present to ensure that Savvy Vote functions perfectly.


  • Secure and fast voting on your own device
  • Weighted voting and proxy options
  • Voting results can be split up based on profile
  • Expandable by way of functionality


Make an event more fun by sharing the agenda, a digital Q&A, a survey, whiteboard session and/or Wordcloud. You can even show the voting results per group. 

STARTING € 979,-

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