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Inform your participants in an interactive manner through the use of factual ‘did you know?’ questions, and quiz questions at specific informative points in the tour. A separate page is set up for each of the informative points, entirely in theme with the corporate identity of the customer. In addition to an image with text, there are a multitude of options and possibilities available to use;

  • Quiz questions: to make the tour interactive, it is possible to add questions. This is done in the form of a quiz. The correct answers the questions are immediately made visible and the option of having scores and scorekeeping is also available.

  • Open questions: with open questions, participants are able to, for example, ask for ideas or feedback. This can be useful for the you as the customer and ensures that the participant feels as though the they are involved with the organisation.

  • Evaluation questions: Through the use of a survey, you as the customer can ask for feedback from the participants in order to find out your points for improvement.

  • Photo moment: invite participants to take and upload a photo at a certain point (in time or place). This will create a playful memory for the participants. The photos will then be collected and put on a digital Photo wall which can be shown at the end of the tour for example.

  • Media: for some extra explanation, it is also possible to play a video or add a document. There is no extra screen needed for this option.

All questions can be set up in different ways. You can for example, work with multiple choice, open questions, yes/no questions, ranking, pointing and questions using smileys and photos.


Through the use of the QR codes, participants are able to take part via their own smartphone. Participants can scan codes at different specific points to load the pages associated with those points. At the first QR code, participants are for example asked to fill in their name. This is how a prize competition or a giveaway can be linked to an interactive tour. The person with the highest score, best answer or silliest photo wins.

After filling in the information and logging in on the first QR code, participants can rescan QR codes and follow the route.


Due to the many options that Savvy Tour offers, a dynamic tour can be created in which the user is actively involved. The data collected through the QR codes is shared with you as the customer in a report. A Savvy employee will help and work with you to create pages that are entirely to your wishes, where the employees both advise and think with you when creating these pages.

There is no need for a tour system with headsets and recording boxes. The QR codes are provided by Savvy and can be placed along the route as desired. With our many different options, we can make the tour applicable for indoors or outdoors; for entertainment, but also for our business customers; and for single or permanent use. One of our customers used this at an open day for employee family members. This went so well that we then looked at a permanent tour for new employees, customers and visitors.

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