It’s time to meet again!

Published On: 19 April 2023| 525 words| Categories: Blogs|

March and April traditionally mark the period for all General Shareholders’ Meetings and General Assembly Meetings.

For Savvy’s team, this is the busiest time of the year: March and April traditionally mark the period of many GSMs and GMMs. Terms such as “discharge for the board” and “approval of the annual reports” are once again on the agenda. And that with a room full of critical members that are eager to share their opinion.

The organising committee has a lot of things to consider. They have to determine the topics for the vote, formulate the questions and figure out how to actually get their members to vote. And don’t forget to take the right voting weight and possible proxies per participant into account. Not to mention counting the outcome as soon as the voting has been done.

We present 5 reasons to choose online voting over traditional voting whilst your members or shareholders are sitting right in front of you in the conference room.

1. It’s fast

Savvy’s operator will prepare the vote. Your members or shareholders will easily login to Savvy’s platform with their mobile phone or alternative device with a personal link. They will cast their vote and the result is loaded into the system immediately. The platform does not require a large voting committee and a long break to count the votes, there will be no errors due to the different weights.

2. It’s transparent decision making

As opposed to the verbal “All in favour, aye?” and accepting the vote – our system determines the quorum, how many attendees have voted and what percentage of participants voted which answer. By just pressing 1 button, the supervisor or notary can approve the results and show it to all attendees. This means the outcome is also legally refutable, in case a decision calls for debate.

3. Online voting is completely anonymous

In traditional voting, for instance with raising your hands or completing a form, it is possible that participants are influenced by the people that sit around them and the opinion they have.

With digital voting, all participants anonymously login to the system with a personal code and they will vote on their personal device, completely anonymous.

4. With or without complicated voting weights

If your guests all have the same voting weight or if the voting weights are spread over different levels, with a digital voting process this will be configured in the system beforehand so the electoral committee does not have to look at this after the voting. Voting with proxy is also well-organised with a digital voting.

5. It is legally secured and refutable

With Savvy’s platform the outcome of the vote is legally secured (and also GDPR-compliant). To process all participant data in our system both parties sign a data processing agreement including a confidentiality agreement. Streamline and digitalise the voting process during these extremely important meetings and exclude miscommunications and discussions.

And the best reason?

Savvy Congress completely takes over all the organisational technical decision making from the organising committee. We support your organisation before and during the event for a fluent progression.

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