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About Savvy

Savvy is a down-to-earth Dutch company with smart tech and info geeks, who look for new opportunities every day to collect data and spread knowledge in an interactive way. With extensive experience in industries where knowledge transfer is central and technology increasingly plays a leading role, we are the technical partner that goes beyond offering tools. We develop, install, operate and deliver data that will help you progress.

We believe that interactive applications are becoming increasingly important to facilitate you to get in touch with your target group(s) and involve them in your message. We also believe that good data enables you to make better decisions, get more out of your budget and increase customer and/or employee satisfaction.

That is why we develop accessible tools that empower you to get in touch with your target group in a smart, interactive way and exchange knowledge. Events, shops, sights, companies, associations: people coming from everywhere. People who count on a fully integrated, omnichannel experience in which they are actively involved. Savvy makes it fun and easy!  All the tools we develop are created in the Savvy inspiration centre, and developed to stimulate the user as much as possible to participate and actively share knowledge. Our tools are flexible, and they can be adjusted in house to meet your style and functionality demands. Because we have developed the tools ourselves, we know the technology behind it down to the smallest detail. This means that we provide a working solution from A to Z. For whatever challenges we may encounter.