Savvy’s proposition after Corona: Back to normal?

Published On: 25 April 2022| 301 words| Categories: Blogs|

The Corona pandemic has paved the way for virtual and digital capabilities during meetings and conferences. People have become accustomed to, and increasingly capable of using digital tools. Digitisation is no longer only used for the transfer of knowledge and knowledge sharing, but also to create interaction between the speaker and the participants, and the participants themselves during physical, hybrid and online events.

Digitisation brings many advantages, such as the collection of data, the ability to evaluate directly and create participant connections. By adding interaction, participants are involved in the event with real-time participation between the participants. This also applies to physical events. Organising an event without a digital solution is outdated.

Data is collected during an event. The more data that is collected, the better the impact of the event can be determined. Capturing evaluation points and the connections made, including the chats, helps to measure ROI. This allows the organisation to get to know the target group better and improve communication for upcoming events.

Technical possibilities

There are many technical options available for events. Some options are even ‘free’, but only using a digital meeting platform such as Teams or Zoom is no longer sufficient for a conference or meeting to run smoothly. Who ensures that the participants feel fully involved during the event? Who monitors the technology? Who will help the online participants if they fail to register?

The Savvy Team

The Savvy team provides active support behind the scenes before, during and after the event. Through Savvy’s service and support, physical and online are seamlessly coordinated. Technical concerns are taken over by our team so that the organisation can focus on the event itself. This allows the organisation to ensure that the event makes a real impact on the participants. The people of Savvy make the difference.

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