The Digitalisation of Congress folders

Published On: 13 October 2022| 273 words| Categories: Blogs|

How Savvy Congress once started digitising conference folders

Not so long ago, participants received the old-fashioned congress folder upon arrival. The agenda and information about the speakers were added to this folder. When there was a last-minute change, all these documents were reprinted. The participants who had questions raised their hands in front of the audience. The congress mainly revolved around the information that the speakers provided. The opinion and knowledge of the public were not solicited or recorded.

There is an increasing need from the market to digitise this action and to add more interaction to this process. That’s how Savvy Congress came up with the tablets for congresses. These tablets provide a platform where the agenda of the congress is displayed, slides are presented, documents are shared and the participants are encouraged to share their knowledge with the help of the interactive tools. Last-minute changes can be made immediately, even during congress. The all-in-one platform has now been further developed in such a way that it can be used on any device and, of course, also for participants who want to follow the congress online (from home or the office).

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