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Published On: 15 June 2022| 318 words| Categories: Blogs|

The school year is almost over and summer is just around the corner. Students are busy exploring which study program and school suits them best. An useful way to make the right choice of study is to participate in an open day.

For the past two years, many students have taken classes online. Although initially unknown the students are nowadays familiar with the online open days. Of course it is nice to see the school in-person, but an online open day also offers many advantages. It is accessible to everyone from home and it can continue despite the long travel times, the weather conditions or the corona pandemic.

Do you get a good idea of ​​the training when you participate in an online open day?

Yes, of course! Using Savvy’s platform, participants not only hear the presentations, but they can also ask the teachers and students questions. There is an agenda with the program, so that the participants can see in advance what time the livestream they want to know more about starts. The participant can sit comfortably on the couch and watch from home. Parents can also easily join and inform themselves.

Taking a new step is exciting. When new students look for a new study, they often have many questions, but it is still nervous to ask these questions. Especially in real life in front of a large group. That is Savvy’s platform has various interactive options available. This makes it easier for new students to ask a question (also anonymously) and to respond to questions from the teachers. By using the group chat, they can also read the questions of others or meet new classmates.

By means of break-out rooms, new students also have the opportunity to speak to teachers and students of the study program individually. In this way, Savvy Congress ensures that new students have every opportunity to make the right choice.

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