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Published On: 6 October 2021| 508 words| Categories: Blogs|

The world is changing again and Savvy is changing with it. Our team is continuously updating, improving and adapting the Savvy system so that we can continue to meet the needs and wishes of our customers. We strive to continuously become newer, better and different from other parties. Curious in what ways? We’ll break it down for you!


  • The platform of Savvy is now available in several languages. When participants are unable or unwilling to travel, they can still participate via Savvy’s online, multilingual platform in their own language and, if desired, with an interpreter. The interpreter can translate the presentation in real time. This ensures a full experience for all participants around the world!
  • It is now possible to chat one-on-one with another participant and to invite someone to talk in a private room through a webcam.
  • You can now add parallel sessions to the system with a personal agenda for each participant. The participant can only see and participate in their own sessions and cannot enter sessions for other participants. The functionalities of each online room can be adjusted in advance.
  • The formal voting can now be split up for different groups with different characteristics. Voting results can also be broken down into the various characteristics.
  • With Savvy Hybrid, unforeseen circumstances can be anticipated. Decide for yourself until the very last moment, the number of online participants versus the number of physically present visitors.
  • There is the possibility of making information available prior to the event that participants can view via the platform; including the option to review and relive interesting sections and the participant’s personal highlights, generating a bigger impact on the participant.


  • Our login is always secured by two-factor authentication. The participant is invited by e-mail, personal data is checked, and the login code is then sent to the participant via SMS.
  • We are a European company. Our data is stored within the EU and is AVG/GDPR-compliant.
  • The high speed of Savvy’s video image allows for optimal interaction.
  • Total technical unburdening. Savvy is there to fully support you both online and on-site, before, during and after your event. You only need to focus on the event itself; we can even assist with that if you wish.
  • For your hybrid event, we provide tablets for the participants on location to use during the event or meeting.
  • The participants can view the shared presentation in real time and review slides at any time.
  • You have the possibility to set up sponsor rooms or add sponsor information.


  • Savvy is an all-in-one platform truly made for online and hybrid events. No additional apps or add-ons are needed.
  • There are different user roles within the system, each with their own functionalities and rights (for example: moderator, speaker, notary, supervisor, operator, chairman).
  • In addition to our online platform, we have a physical studio available with technology and staff near Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
  • With Savvy you have more options than just the standard forms of interaction, namely an evaluation, moodmirror, wordcloud and voting.

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