Which platform suits your event best?

Published On: 15 September 2022| 457 words| Categories: Blogs|

Many people enjoy being able to physically attend the events again. During a live event, you can literally bump into other participants. It gives you the opportunity to do spontaneous business, network and meet new people. However, due to the many advantages of a virtual event, organizations often choose a hybrid or online event. The chance a participant will log in is much higher, no travel time, no travel costs and the ROI can be measured much better.

When organizing a new event, event managers often search for different platforms before they have done any research on the purpose of the event. This often makes it difficult to find the right solution. Before a choice in platform can be made, the Why, Who and How need to be researched.


The first thing to consider is ‘why’ the event is being organized. What is the purpose of the organization? The event can be organized for networking, to gather knowledge from the participants or just to inform the participants.


When you know who your target group is, you can investigate what the goals of this target group are. For example, young participants often have more experience with virtual platforms than older participants. Another example: during an event for participants with disabilities, digital voting had to be done. For this meeting, the Savvy tablets were used so the participants did not need to log in themselves and could easily vote. That’s why it is important to research your target group before organizing the event.


Also, think carefully about the implementation of your program. A common mistake event managers make is to copy the program of a physical event into a virtual event. You can add many interactive functionalities to a virtual event. To ensure the functionalities within a platform do not cause an overkill, you can choose the functionalities for each room in the Savvy platform.

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