4 reasons why only using a tool for an event isn’t good enough

Published On: 7 September 2023| 417 words| Categories: Blogs|

You can’t escape it anymore: to inform and involve the participants during an event, you need a tool or a platform. This way, every participant can submit a question, participate in fun interaction moments (such as polls and WordClouds) and have the agenda on hand. But with a simple tool, you are not there yet. Here are four reasons why only using a tool during your event is not enough and you need to hire an expert.

  1. You don’t have time for it

In preparation for the event, you are already busy with organisational tasks for catering, location, registration, etc. You don’t have time to get to know an entire platform and set it up in advance. Even during the event, it is too much hassle for you if you also have to manage all those tools.

  1. The technicians also have no time for it

The technicians have other points of interest, such as the sound and the PowerPoints that must be shown on screen. When they have to pay attention to the platform as well, it comes at the expense of their work. Besides, they are often not familiar with all platforms and how they work.

  1. You are not an expert

Interaction must be smooth so that participants become enthusiastic and participate. Is the onboarding taking too long? Do participants have problems logging in, creating an account and submitting a question? Then they drop out. In the meantime, the speaker also wants to continue with his story and shouts ‘Never mind’ before everything finally is up and running. Have this done by an expert!

  1. Too many different tools cause confusion

It is, of course, not useful for participants if they all have to download separate tools themselves to view an agenda somewhere, submit questions somewhere else and fill in a WordCloud somewhere else. It is an impossible task to have all participants in the right tool at the right time. This also puts people off. Instead, you’re better off using an all-in-one platform. This way you keep the overview for the participants, but also yourself!

Savvy Service

Savvy Congress offers more than a platform. The Savvy team is ready to support you before, during and after your event. The platform allows participants to view the agenda, participate in interaction options and ask questions. The Savvy team is present during your hybrid, online or physical event to take away all your worries.

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