Why you should implement gamification into your event

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Gamification is becoming increasingly recognised as a source of interaction between event attendees, organisations and their target audiences. It allows organisations to implement a ‘playful’ element to attract people’s attention and spark their enthusiasm.

What is gamification?

Gamification is the technique of adding game elements to non-game-related activities. It has the ability to enhance participation and productivity, and increase engagement with products, procedures and content. This could, for example, be used to increase participation or completion of safety procedure training for staff members. By making it fun, people are increasingly willing to take part.

Why should you implement gamification

Gamification can help in a range of different areas:

  • Onboarding new employees: opening up dialogue instead of one-sided information.
  • Improving training results: by increasing engagement and making learning a ‘game’, participants are more likely to remember what they have learnt and reach higher scores.
  • Make unexciting or routine content/training an engaging experience: for example, making a routine safety training which is usually unexciting, a fun learning experience. Which in turn keeps employees up-to-date.
  • Team building: introducing new team members and building trust among employees. This improves teamwork and encourages collaboration.
  • Improving productivity and results: increasing natural competitiveness between staff members improves productivity and the bottom line of the company.
  • Measuring real-time performance: measuring employee success and success trends and on the other hand also recognising whether someone is struggling. Finding and fixing any knowledge gaps.
  • Motivation through rewards is also a powerful tool to keep engagement levels up. Using a point system for real-world rewards (such as an extra day off or gift card) can be an effective incentive for, for example, the completion of tasks.

Source: Valamis & Kanazawa

Want to learn more about how Savvy Congress can contribute to your interactive event?

How does Savvy Congress implement gamification?

There are different ways to implement gamification into your event. Savvy Congress thinks along and can help you finding the right way for your event.

Quizzes could for example be used in situations where problem-solving or new knowledge is to be tested. Using point-based leaderboards, or badges rewarding the highest scores for example. Savvy’s quiz possibilities allow participants to answer different types of questions gaining points along the way.

Storytelling can be used for increasing engagement levels. Turning a situation into a story in which people can play a role, allows a participant’s strengths and weaknesses to become visible. With Savvy Tour it is possible to implement different QR codes in an event that tell the story. For each storyline, there can be a QR code that has either an information purpose or an interactive purpose using the quiz possibilities, for example.

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