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At the Landvast cinema in Alblasserdam, it was considered to abolish the break during the film. But what do the different visitors to Landvast think about this? The Anapod was deployed to gain insight into this in a two-week period.

Pause during the movie?

In 2018 the opinion of the cinema visitors was measured. An Anapod was placed at the cash register and at the bar with the simple question: “Pause during the film?” On the Anapod, 21% of the visitors gave their opinion with one push of a button.

Anapod collected the visitor’s opinion and without extra action the opinion was enriched with the time, location and gender and age. Of all respondents, 72% were male and 41% of all respondents fell in the age category of 30-39 years. Partly due to this extra data, the outcome can be better interpreted

The result of the poll was therefore clear: 75% is for a break during the film. (70% male / 30% female) and 25% favor abolition of the break (75% male / 25% female). A large majority within all age groups is in favor of a break during the film. The age category 18-29 years was the most pronounced with 81% for a break during the film.

Based on a simple survey, the opinion of the visitors was collected and a well-founded choice could be made as to whether the break should remain.

  • datum:2018
  • tools:

    Savvy Retail – Anapod

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